We Protect Your Intellectual Property

Having worked in the industrial environment of international forum, we understand the importance of Intellectual Property and Confidential Information of all our valuable buyers. We see this as an important practice in ethical business.

We are committed in protecting the design, drawing and technical details of individual buyer not only throughout the project cycle but even after sales.

We undertake this through signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with every buyer before they share their drawing information. The online NDA is available in the site. Ezeemachining will also send the signed copy of the NDA upon request of buyers and also will sign NDA of individual company format, if required.

The drawings and designs are stored exclusively in the buyer’s “My Account” page and it is used only for their purpose. These informationswill not be revealed to any other organization or person.

Printing and photocopying of drawings are controlled and monitored with a tamper proof system and standard procedures.

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